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The parade float of the Brotherhood of Old Bread Ovens of Chaudenay for Mi-Carême in Chagny

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

One of the steps will be to learn how to make crepe paper flowers. The learning workshop led by Catherine takes place this weekend. The paper is just waiting for his nimble fingers to come to life.

It will then remain to determine the color code of the tank on the part which will be "dressed" with flowers. But first of all, you have to sketch this parade float : Charlotte is at work, and then figure out how to build / assemble it. We will hopefully work well to proudly represent the Association during the parade!

The parade float will be created in the central part of the barn, so tomorrow, with the help of the strong arms of the Association, we will empty this part to be able to work in an open space.

Here we are, on this Saturday September 17, 2022 with the arms of the Association des Anciens Fours à Pains de Chaudenay and the truck of Marc Héroz his Grand-Master, we emptied the space to accommodate the float to be created.

Little slideshow ;)

And here is our model created by Charlotte:

The first flowers. A mix between Catherine's perfect roses and my hibiscus ;). I will get better with time, I promise! Exterior and interior view:

And here is the beginning of the Parade Float :

Here is the brochure of the Festivities announced: 100 Years!!!!

The oven roof :

The mill is progressing well!!

Finishes take shape.... :

The D Day :

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