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WON / QUIZ from Saturday February 10, 2024

Updated: Feb 12

I reassure the winegrowers, who am I?

And why do people say that about me?

Humor clue :

Here is the answer, well done Catherine!!

Here are the 5 Ice Saints:

Saint-Mamert (Thursday May 11, 2024)

Saint-Pancrace (Friday May 12, 2024)

Saint-Servais (Saturday May 13, 2024)

Saint-Yves (added on Friday May 19, 2024)

Saint-Urbain (extends the list on Thursday May 25, 2024)

“When Saint Urban has passed, the winegrower is reassured” and “Mamert, Pancrace, Gervais, Yves and Boniface are the five saints of ice, but Saint Urban holds them all in his hand.”

For us it’s more “in his paw” 😉

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