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LOST / Quiz of Wednesday May 10, 2023

Updated: Apr 17

Do you know my caption?

I am ....




The Wyvern is an extremely strange animal that looks like a dragon, a snake, or even a human being....

She has the ability to change her appearance: fabulous animal at night, sublime woman during the day.

This winged creature lives in caves and underground passages and is particularly attracted to water sources. She loves to bathe in springs, lakes, rivers (like nymphs).

It is only during her swims that she removes the jewel of immortality which adorns her head (diamond, ruby, emerald…. It depends on the legends). If a man manages to seize it at this time, it is said that he will obtain wealth and good fortune. To do this, he must manage to evade the attention of the Wyvern. In case of failure, death will be the sentence…..


The Wyvern is the expression of Temptation.



It is said that a long, long time ago, a she-wolf took up residence in the heart of a sinister cave with her three cubs. Thus her young were sheltered from the dangers of the forest.

Time passed, the little ones gained strength and boldness and their mother's milk was no longer enough for them. So the she-wolf had to go to the forest and hunt. Very worried about leaving them alone, she warned them: they should neither go out nor get too close to the source.

As soon as the she-wolf had left, a Wyvern appeared. The latter was looking for a new hiding place for the stone which adorned her forehead.

Discovering the 3 defenseless cubs lurking at the bottom of the cave, she devoured them.

Following her impromptu feast, she removed her jewel and lay down to rest.

Later, the she-wolf returned from hunting proud of her catch and overjoyed to find her young.

At the bottom of the dark cave, she distinguished a sort of luminous halo. She headed towards this unusual light and then discovered the remains of her cubs. Next to them was a sparkling stone.

The she-wolf then saw the murderess sleeping a little further away and flew into an immense rage.

She jumped on the monster to avenge her cubs. A terrible fight ensued and the Wyvern did not have time to adorn itself with its jewel of immortality.

The she-wolf, blinded by her fury, killed the Wyvern during this fight: her need for revenge having given her strength and power capable of crushing her mythical adversary.

The  creature knew that without its jewel, only its blood could last for eternity.

The latter began to flow into the source, giving it a strange green color.

It is still said that the mysterious waters of the spring are still made of the blood of the Wyvern and that its precious stone is still found somewhere deep in the cave.

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