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Not yet House Fairy ......

Updated: May 26, 2023

Here is the presentation of the left part of the barn: the right wall will be completely open to be part of the space open to all.

Well it's true, there's work but we start by emptying .... Here is the "before" photo:

And here are the pictures above. I'm looking for takers for all this straw.... It is available for donation on leboncoin but don't hesitate to come and stock up for mulching your vegetable garden ;)

2 contacts so far!! 1 farm that is embarking on permaculture (significant quantity) 1 individual for his rabbits and hens (small quantity but recurring) I will keep you informed!!!!

The stock is slowly dwindling : Regular and new individuals as well as Angélique for her permaculture.

May 2023 :

We are going to tackle the vacuum storage of this part this summer by sorting in particular in all this wood what must be deposited in the recycling center (worm-eaten or other) and what I will keep for future use. There is work for the weekends to come!

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