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Room n°1: Waza

Updated: Feb 20

As explained in previous posts, my desire is to create travel/country atmospheres in the 4 rooms of the house intended for my guests: travel is the theme of Bienvenue à Maison. The inspirations come from my history, my experiences, my favorites, my imagination. Also, without surprise for those who know me, the 1st bedroom will be the one on the theme of Central Africa. Indeed, having lived a large part of my childhood in Cameroon, I grew up in a different culture where emotions are all proudly assumed, traditions are anchored and family is the basis of everything. We have traveled a lot, met many people and my eyes are filled: 1. almost fluorescent greens of the banana leaves which grew in the night and are not yet covered with the red of the laterite of the tracks which flies with each passing vehicle 2. the intense blue of the sky 3. torrential rains where the streets become rivers 4. children's games in the bush and their laughter...... There is no nostalgia in my words, just an eternal look and feeling of a child. Each room will be around 40m². There will be separate toilets but for the rest of the surface area, I want to keep open spaces with a semi-transparent separation between the bedroom and the bathroom. Below are some inspirations for the bedroom:

Do you have any favorites? Here is an example of separation between the bedroom and the bathroom:

And finally, inspiration for the bathroom:

Here is the first universe of Welcome Home. Any ideas for the name of the Chamber?

I stopped on WAZA: very beautiful memories of crossing this reserve on the Cameroon side.

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