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Festival of Old Bread Ovens 2022: August 28

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Come and share this moment of conviviality and treat yourself to our breads prepared and baked in the old fashioned way in the village ovens. The photos will be published for those who could not come.

Thank you Richard BADEY for this beautiful signage!

Preparations are going well!!!

The last pre-heating before the bakers take matters into their own hands and attack the heart of the matter ;)

See you at 4 am for the lighting and the start of the festivities!!!

It all starts in the bread kneader, and to the rhythm of the music please....

Then you have to prepare 1kg dough pieces that you have to round up to get nice loaves

Once the balls of dough are formed, they are dusted with flour, covered and left to rest on the layers. See Michel in action!!

The oven during this time rises in temperature by supplying wood. The vault must whiten, then when only the embers remain, the temperature is maintained by closing the doors before removing them and cleaning the slab.

And here is the oven ready to welcome our dough ;)

It's time to bake : you have to be quick and precise to position the dough pieces. We bake 25 loaves even though the oven can hold 30. We salute Richard's first time solo! He managed like a boss!

Here they are ready to to come out and let us hear their pretty crisp song during the rest time before the sale.

After a short time of rest, we present them for sale:

Thank you all for coming so many for this smooth restart.

We give you an appointment in June 2023, on Father's Day Sunday.

Save the date!!

And because not everyone is early and as a bonus for you, the shaping of old-fashioned buns.....

I took advantage of the resumption of the Fête des Anciens Fours à Pains to present my homemade jams. Suspense until the next post ;)

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