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If we sang... uh no, if we emptied.......?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

On this Easter weekend 2022, I tackled the left part of the barn, where my personal space will be.

So here is the result of the day: 04/18/2022

Before :

On 04/18/2022 :

A wooden crate from Miquelon 1978 unnailed, the swimming pool ladder dismantled and on its way to the recycling center as well as many pieces of wood from various pieces of furniture, the base of the hammock installed in the garden.

The next WE, the attack me at the blue-gray box in the middle. What stay is it from.....? The bets are off.....and to the tires stashed in the bottom left, between 8 and 10 (ask the farmers if they need them to maintain the silage tarps or find a mechanic who can / wants them resume: I was interested in the regulations suddenly. So for information: we can no longer dump them since a European directive 2003, we must not burn them. Professionals in the automotive sector are supposed to recover / store them until 'to the passage of collectors such as Aliapur but beware, mechanics can only declare a number of used tires equivalent to those they have installed during the year). And yes, Yes, I take care of storing the extension of the garden hose .....

Once all the "superfluous" has disappeared, we can organize what I keep: tiles and tomettes of different models and all the existing furniture that will be diverted. See you next Monday for the photo :)

On 04/23/2022 :

2 crates destroyed after a lot of effort and in the rain, a 1st trip to the Chagny recycling center which will become I believe my "earth earth" as Charlotte says :), alignment of the cinder blocks. Tomorrow sorting in tiles, tiles and tomettes in order to keep only those who are in good condition and separation of windows and windows for the next trip to the recycling center. The garden hose is rolled up and the tires are showered so that they can be loaded into the car for collection by a mechanic. And for the curious, the origin of the blue crate has not been found and the simple chestnut came from Cameroon.

On 04/24/2022 :

The sorting was done in the bottom of "my apartment" ;). The tiles and small tomettes piled up and broken are ready to be evacuated. The floor tiles well aligned on the concrete blocks: they dry then in time, they will take their bath to regain their beauty.

On 04/30/2022 :

Thank you Alan from La Grangerie who will use the tires to maintain his silage tarps. 2 visits to the déchèterie this morning with 4 windows, windows and rubble. Tomorrow I prepare the next trips by continuing the sorting. See you next weekend to check the progress ;)

On 07/05/2022 :

So a trip to the déchèterie later and a few batteries is the result. We will say that the sorting was done in this room :).

Overview :

Ready-to-use tiles :

Those remaining to be cleaned using the chisel and hammer :

The old tiles all gathered :

After having finished clearing the remaining floor tiles of the cement, all that remains is to attack a new space!!!! And I'm spoiled for choice.

I'll keep you informed.......

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