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Keep the old and enhance it

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Above all, I want to keep as much of the existing as possible in order to preserve the character of the building. The ground floor, 200m²..... Of course there are reconstituted stones but that does not correspond to my desire to highlight the historic materials of the barn. My cousin Jérôme gave me a very interesting line of thought: of course go through a stone cutter but do not ask him to "repair" the stones in place using modern techniques but saw them in 2 in the thickness to make 2 stones from 1 alone, which will cover the entire floor, this is not currently the case. Indeed, the 2 adjoining "appendices" are in beaten earth, only the central room is paved (As a reminder, the spaces will be open) This solution would standardize the entire ground floor and give it a lot of charm. Verification of the thickness of the slabs on the ground soon......

Central Room

The 2 "annexes" to date

Do like Jerome! I await your remarks, suggestions on this theme in the comments or on other subjects via the Forum. See you soon !


I have not yet tried to visualize the thickness of the slabs in the central part but following my discussions with Georges and Michel who came to the site, most of the slabs are badly damaged (see too much to be recovered) and would lose their natural patina if I cut them in thickness. To be seen during the phase of removal of the slabs.....

Overview of one end of the emptied main room:

06/10/2023 New idea for my tiles. I really want to keep them and enjoy them. So I thought of 2 solutions to explore: 1. Clean everything, and cover everything with a thick transparent resin to obtain a flat and therefore slightly raised floor (according to the principle of this small decorative creation but on a much larger scale)

2. Clean everything and have large slabs of glass installed like in museums Below are 1 example:

This would be consistent with my idea for the library ceiling :)

In both cases we would have a slight elevation of the ground.

10/22/2023 : This weekend I tackled a new project through the void: the annex to the right of the main room (article in progress). In some places, while clearing the earth (between 10 and 15 cms), I found stone slabs like those in the central part. We will have to see when everything is empty (bazaar not yet evacuated and earth) what the ground really is like. I don't think there are stone slabs everywhere but perhaps enough to replace the ones in really poor condition in the central part (mainly at the entrance/gate). Thus, retaining the ideas above, there could be a complete "protected" floor in period stone slabs and on either side of the latter either parquet or recent stone slabs. I have a preference for parquet which is more “cocoon” but you will have to do simulations to see the result. As a reminder, I also have old Burgundy tiles that I would like to use for the cooking part. In the same way, if I do not have enough stone slabs for the central part, I will have to consider a solution for the first 2 meters of the entrance. Do you have any suggestions? Drawing skills?

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