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Les Tomettes ......

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Busy convict days (and counting!) but the result is more than conclusive and encouraging. As my desire is to preserve as much as possible everything that makes up the history and charm of the property, I decided to reuse these floor tiles: they were in the main house before the work and were stored as they were in barn. I rid them one by one of all the cement on the inside face with a chisel and a hammer before cleaning them so that they can be re-used and thus participate in the rebirth of the barn. Their place has not yet been chosen as you can imagine (not having finished their "cleaning", I have no idea of ​​the surface they can cover: I must be on 10m² to date) but some either their place, they will be highlighted because they are part of the house of my childhood.

The base

Being cleaned

The final rendering

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