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The Floor

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Upstairs, we find the concept of open spaces with a large cocooning multilingual library area. You will see later what I imagine for this place that I want to be friendly and relaxing both with works on Burgundy and wine, of course, but also contemporary novels, great classics, poetry... The B.A.B.A of a family library.

Part of the library will be dedicated to reading "on site" and the other to reading "to take away": You leave the books with which you came and that you have finished and you leave with the one you started. I have seen this concept in pubs open at tea party time in the afternoon, but also in resorts with an international clientele.

Thus all languages ​​can be represented for everyone's pleasure of discovery. This space "to take away" will therefore live as and when you visit!

Donations will be welcome at the opening!

We finally find the 4 rooms intended to welcome you. As a reminder, my accommodation will be on the ground floor. But if, remember on the post of the DRC there is a part on the left on the plan: PERSO. It would have been too easy to make rooms on the theme of wine, the region has many prestigious names ...... I preferred to go on my childhood, my history, my travels, so each room will represent a country significant for me. I let you discover over the posts my opening themes. Why "opening themes"? Because the world is not just 4 countries and the themes will change during the regular cleanliness of the rooms and my desires. So give me ideas, send pictures..... Each room will consist of 3 spaces but will remain open (just the toilets will be closed) with an original separation for the bathroom, a "small living room" space and the bed space. A total space of approximately 35 m². Shower + bath? Shower alone? Bath alone? I'm not fixed yet.

02/07/2022 After many projections, here is my latest idea for the layout of the 1st floor. The 4 bedrooms are obviously preserved, the stove also. The staircase is moved and the library reduced but still approximately 39 m²...... How why ? By creating an open space above the large French window on the ground floor so as not to cut it with a floor and allowing the 2 floors to be bathed in light. Thus the library will be an open space (mezzanine style) with a beautiful wooden balustrade connected to the staircase facing it. What do you think ? The library area is on the 1st floor but I can't color the room yellow...

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