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The Separating Chimney....

As I have already described to you, I would like to have a large open space on the ground floor allowing you to move naturally from one area to another: Living room, Dining room, Kitchen...., all open to the outside. outside through bay windows. So to sum it up, no doors but useful/decorative separations between spaces.

To delimit the living room and dining room spaces while maintaining a cocooning and warm atmosphere, here is my idea: a Separating Fireplace. I hope it will be possible as it is!

Here is a slideshow to give you an idea :

Of course, at this stage I have not stopped on the color or the size or the material, but the idea of ​​​​this separation really corresponds to my idea of ​​the family country house to enjoy meals and evenings together in an enveloping atmosphere.

Thus the evening can begin in the modern kitchen at the level of the "aperitif" area, extend into the rustic dining room and end in the comfortable living room.

Guests not having dinner on site will be able to take advantage of the lounge area and relax.

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